Friday, October 19, 2007

Last Weekend

What started out from a lazy pizza for dinner on friday night ended up being one of the most interesting, satisfying and happening weekends :)

The pizza was followed by bambai bhraman (for the hindi challenged, roaming around bombay). Me and Rahul 'Bulleted' to marine drive via the eastern express for some eating n chatting at Bachelors (i want to open a all night place named, Singles :D) and cruised back via the western express taking the regular stops [;-)] at worli et al. The night that started late ended almost into morning, with plans of biking to Pune with Chaman and Rahul in the afternoon already in place. Ofcourse the planned afternoon ride to pune started at around half past six in the evening :P

The moonless highway was like every other time, spell bounding. With stops for fuel and bike maintenance and chocolate fudge at Lonavala we were in a pune pub (Toons) at 11 with the local dudes, Daddu and Chawla accompanying us. After what seemed like less than a minute we were told "last order sir", after gaping at each other for a while we placed orders as if it were the last meal/drink we would ever get. The quick drinks coupled with the taxing bike ride made us happy enough to be the favourites of the crowd that was pushed out of the place along with us as we went from one group to the other asking 'what shit is this :P' and if there would be any place open now. Our efforts were finally rewarded, however the details would not quite be suitable for public announcement :D

The night was spent at Chawla's place who lives in a rather neat apartment in a building with BMW and Merc and CBR owners!! and... beat this... pays exactly half of what I do for my humble (really) abode!!!! By day break most people were asleep and I was pretty much unconsciously, more like in a trace, listening to world space crooning away with music that mostly was unheard of but definitely good. The chilling morning and the quiet world seen from the balcony with trees and even birds presented a reminiscing moment. Chilly mornings in quilts and minimal activity outdoors, :-), its been quite a while. Makes me look forward to my trip home for Diwali. Obviously a lot of other things also do :D ;-)

Once everyone was up and wanting to get running (yeah, most people had someone or the other to go meet) we headed to Marz-o-rin. Having finally eaten something, it had been over 24 hrs since my last proper meal on friday night, we chanced upon the super bike showroom (which btw, was our excuse for planning the trip) in one of the back alleys which we were leisurely strolling about. Only to be told that its closed on sundays, we however were let in for a 'quick' peek after we detailed our story of having travelled 200kms on bikes just for having a look at bikes there. Luckily for us someone was taking the delivery of his (fair assumption, what say?) newly bought Hayabusa which was revved and cleaned and readied for hitting the road right in front of us. Need I say, w-h-a-t a bike!

The pune trip was ended with me meeting Neha for lunch and coffee and random evening walk somewhere near the Osho ashram.

Having left at six (I wanted to stay longer, but jobs!!) I was back home eating ice-cream and geared up for monday and the week, before the clock struck twelve. The week ensuing has been also pretty interesting but abhi ke liye enough of logging life :-)

ps: Started writing this post wanting to write a lot of things that I felt last Sunday afternoon, but this has rather become a log of events. The thoughts will have to wait.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Wallah, Sakinaka!

I work in Sakinaka. SAKI-NAKA. Here’s a few responses to this workplace which magically conjures up eternal sunshine for the spotless minds everyday. The autowallahs are the best! You walk upto them and inquire whether they would want to take you to Sakinaka.

Me: Sakinaka?
AutoWala: Few seconds of silence
Me: Sakinaka chalnege?
AutoWala: jerks his head with a smirk, what he means is: NO

After some repetitions of the same event, for the lack of another passenger, some guy dejectedly agrees to take you there. I personally love the challenge, you know. I count everyday the number of autos that refuse to go to sakinaka and make lists. It’s a way to keep me grounded :P. Also it presents an opprotunity to be crative, like this time:

Me: Sakinaka chaloge?
AutoWala: nahi
Me: Singapur le jaoge kya?
AutoWala: with the stupid Joey look, wo kahan hai?!
And then I board the rick as I say, chalo main rasta batata hoon. :D :D Got ya! little cheap thrills and triumphs in life :P

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Losing yourself

Closed places, mostly dark, flashing lights, infinite people, drinks and drunks, blaring music, the air conditioning trying to mind the heat. People trying to lose themselves in the sea of similars.

Water side, cool breeze, personalized music, staring into the infinite, kids playing familiar games, the setting sun in the background. People trying to lose something in the infinity.

Bustling - strolling, air conditioned - breezy, socializing - conversing, dancing - swaying, laughter - smiles.


Saturday, October 06, 2007

xkcd - A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language.

The warning at the bottom of the of the page goes "Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language (which may be unsuitable for children), unusual humor (which may be unsuitable for adults), and advanced mathematics (which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors)"

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Twenty 20

Looks like the future of cricket is here! after a tough day at office, you reach the stadium, witness an explosive match where the ball keeps flying all over the place into the stands. And while its being fetched you have the dancers to keep the rhythm going!

All in all amazing fun!

And the icing on the cake, India with some awesome batting (Yuvraj on fire) and not too bad bowling won it all the way!!!

Just a little idea I would like to get people thinking on, did Anil Ambani have anything to do with the phenomenal success?! :-? :P

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Two months...

... thats as long as it has been since I started working at Deutsche Bank. Interesting times have ensued ever since. This is just a summary of what all should be documented:

Intercontinental - Final Presentation - Hawaiian Shack - passing out - Totos - people gone - Hard Rock Cafe - fussball - go carting - Naneghat - trying to be happy - Matheran - new people - old friends - highways (somehow those never go) - coffee - bandstand - hukka - the PDA - Ashok deluxe - calls and puts - interviews - demand (and supply) - Taj - VJs - money - movies - convocation - extravagance - London, NYC and Bombay - flat - books - very late nights - celeb brushes - The office party - .....

and to think there is still so much on the list to do!